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How Epitome Career Builder Helps
To Land Your Dream Job​

Benefits of joining our cohort

Engage with Dream Companies

Candidates get the insider view of their dream companies as they engage via projects, internships and pre-placement sessions.

Weekly Upskilling Webinars

Industry experts and SMEs from top tech giants including Microsoft come forward to educate and interact with you during the webinar.

Mentoring by Industry Leaders

Leaders from different domains of the industry share their experiences and provide valuable mentorship to the cohort of epitome.ai

Anumalasetty Tarakanadh Devineni Venkata Ramana and Dr Hima Sekhar MIC College of Technology

"It is good career platform where we can find out the jobs with reference to our course of study easily. By the help of epitome.ai, I got placed in a global firm. In my point of view, the platform will be much more useful for the students who are looking forward to get their dream jobs.

Vanita Rajashekhar Naik KLS Vishwanathrao Deshpande Institute Of Technology, Haliyal

Overall experience with the epitome was good. It's a good platform for freshers in finding their dream company. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Mangali Naganjaneyulu Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences

Epitome.ai is a very good platform which helped me to get my first IT opportunity. This is a good platform for freshers who wants to find jobs which matches their interests.

Shreya Pai KLS Vishwanathrao Deshpande Institute of Technology

It is a great platform specially for freshers who are searching for jobs. It was a wonderful experience. I'm glad to be a part of the amazing epitome.ai cohort.


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